Standard Witness Samples - In stock and ready to ship


Si Wedge
Si Plano

Ge Wedge
Ge Plano

Zn S Wedge (Multi-Spectral)
Zn S Plano (Multi-Spectral)

ZnSe Wedge
ZnSe Plano

CaF2 Wedge
CaF2 Plano

BK-7 Wedge
BK-7 Plano

Fused Silica Wedge
Fused Silica Plano

Sapphire Wedge

Pyrex Plano



Diameter: 1.0" +.000"/-.005"
Thickness: .040 +/-.010"


Diameter: 1.0" +.000"/-.005"
Thickness (thin edge): .040" +/-.010"

Surface Quality: 60/40

Bevel: Protective

Power: 5 Waves
Irreg.: 2.5 Waves


Navitar Industris can generate custom witness samples to your unique specifications.

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