LCD Projection Lens

Navitar Industries developed this wide field custom LCD projection lens for an interactive white board application.  The optical and mechanical designs are Navitar IP and we produce this lens in OEM quantities.

Navitar Industries provides custom solutions for any imager type including optics for DMD, LCD and LCOS displays.  We are currently working on next generation Slim Laser RPTV designs.

  • Hyperion generated lens and opto-mechanical design
  • Lens matched to existing light engine design
  • Rapid prototype of 20 units delivered in 6 weeks
  • Qualified in house
  • Currently in OEM production (2000+ already delivered)

    Catadioptic Zoom Lens

    This zoom lens flies on a helicopter pod for advanced surveillance applications.  Navitar Industries is one of the few U.S. companies with significant experience in custom zoom lenses.

    Our opto-mechanical team is well versed in zoom lens mechanics and we also work closely with a Japanese supplier of video camera zooms for our high volume, lower cost zoom solutions.

    Navitar can also provide custom zoom lenses for a wide variety of applications including, cinematography, projection and videoconferencing applications.

    • Custom zoom lens design
    • Optical tolerance analysis
    • Opto-mechanical design support
    • IP Generation (patented design adds value)

    3D Projection System

    Actuality Systems makes some of the coolest 3D displays the world has ever seen.  The Perspecta Spatial 3D projector uses a customized DLP light engine to provide a volumetric image that can be used for a wide range of applications including medical imaging, earth science and consumer products.

    The Navitar Industries design team is proud to help produce the optical design for this groundbreaking system.

    Retinal Beam Delivery

    Navitar Industries completed optical design studies that allow array based LED sources to be used in ophthalmic slit lamp delivery systems.  This challenging project required the use of specialized non-imaging optics components to maximize light received at the retina.  Since the LED’s have much larger etendue than a laser, an advanced light collection scheme was required.

    • Non imaging optics, including custom CPC design
    • Illumination design and analysis
    • Radiometric analysis
    • LED modeling and eye modeling
    • Custom relay lens design

    Head Mounted Displays

    Navitar Industries has been involved in visual optical design for head mounted and head wearable mobile displays since their inception.  Our staff has designed numerous microdisplay magnifiers for use in consumer, military and industrial products.  Our designs have been used for cell phone displays, camera viewfinders, personal internet viewers, and night vision eyepieces.

    We have many examples to share in the microdisplay viewer space.

    • Refractive Reflective and hybrid eyepiece design
    • Mobile displays (LCD, OLED, MEMS)
    • Aspheric lenses for head mounted microdisplays.
    • Diffractive optical eyepiece design
    • Free form prism design for personal displays
    • Off-axis Head Mounted Displays architecture studies
    • Design of nonrotational aspheric surfaces for HMD