OEM Lenses

A significant portion of our business at Navitar Industries is OEM custom lens assemblies.  We deliver thousands of custom lens assemblies per year - from complex LCD projection lenses and ultra-precision semiconductor inspection lenses, to low cost CCD lenses for electronic imaging.

We have built a world class global supply chain that ensures we obtain unprecedented quality at extremely competitive cost.  We maintain in-house MTF equipment to insure that our suppliers are meeting our requirements.

Many "overseas outsourcing" companies promise low cost and high quality but offer no added value and no recourse if there is a problem.  Our supply chain has passed rigorous quality control audits including ISO9001 and ISO14001.  In addition, we offer full compliance with RoHS.  Our suppliers have also passed audits for social and environmental accountability.

The advantage of using Navitar Industries for custom lenses is simple: Total Ownership and Responsibility.  We take full responsibility, design through production.  We love when everything goes smoothly, but we are there to resolve production problems when they don't.  A solid understanding of our designs allows us to troubleshoot manufacturing problems fast and reduce your time to market.