AMF Optics adds Precitech Nanoform 700 SPDT Machine

AMF Optics added a brand new flagship Nanoform 700 single point diamond turning machine to it's facility in Woburn MA.  The Nanoform 700 allows Hyperion-AMF to make optics with diameters up to 700mm such as large mirrors for telescope systems.

The machine is also equipped with a B-Axis and slow tool servo.  These options allow us to cut silicon lenses with less tool wear for a better finish on the parts.  Slow tool servo enables Hyperion-AMF to make non-rotational parts such as cylinders and nonrotational aspheres.

In addition to the machine, AMF purchased the newest version of the DIFFSYS program for programming aspheres, diffractives, and unconventional surfaces.

Hyperion purchased AMF in January and is in the process of upgrading the manufacturing capabilities of the facility.