Let Navitar Industries show you our proven success rate for infrared optical design. We have helped numerous companies with some of our most advanced design concepts and have experience in:

  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Space Optical Systems
  • Photonics and Telecom
  • Medical Optics

Companies like Raytheon, L3 Wescam and Coherent trust our capabilities.

Stray Light Analysis

The control of stray light is a critical requirement for many advanced optics systems such as bolometers, hyperspectral imagers and space telescopes.  We provide stray light consulting to make sure unwanted light is not limiting your system performance.

Navitar Industries recently performed an advanced stray light analysis on a space borne telescope and calculated solar rejection and radiometric accuracy.  The system used both an internal solar diffuser and a blackbody source, both accurately modeled in stray light software.
Stray light analysis

  • Creation of solar diffuser and blackbody models
  • Model effects of BRDF for various surface finishes
  • Confirmed radiometric accuracy to 2%
  • Analyze hyperspectral and uncooled focal plane arrays

Near IR CCD Lens

We are proudly producing a near infrared CCD lens for a revolutionary product by one of the world’s largest technology companies.  This project proves that Navitar Industries’ OEM optics supply model can even meet the need for demanding consumer product devices in terms of cost and quality.

  • Lens design evaluation and tolerance analysis
  • Opto-mechanical design for high volume lens cell
  • Rapid prototyping of a custom lens assembly
  • Innovative optical filter design and optical coatings
  • OEM lens production via Asian outsourcing partners
  • Lens vendors meet RoHS and are ISO: 9001 certified
  • Cost competitive optics in significant volumes

Dual FOV Infrared Imager

Navitar Industries is currently developing the optical design of a dual field IR imager for use in a surveillance application. Our experience in telescope design and multi field of view optics insures our customer that the final design will meet or exceed specifications.

  • Lens design of catadioptric dual field imager
  • Ghost image analysis
  • Optical tolerance budget
  • Patent support