IR Production

Navitar Industries fabricates refractive, reflective and hybrid optical systems for the infrared spectrum.  Most of our most advanced optical designs are built by strategic partners and qualified by Navitar.  We supply SWIR, MWIR and LWIR objectives for consumer products, defense, medical, inspection and fire and law enforcement.

Our staff has been involved with the design, analysis, and testing of several military and space optical systems that are currently in production and operation.  These systems included radiometric accuracy requirements to within ±2% (incorporated on-board solar diffuser and blackbody), optical distortion less than 1 micron over a large field extent in the LWIR, hyperspectral and uncooled focal plane suites, cold shield and seeker head design and manufacturing.

The technology employed in our IR systems include:

  • Refractive IR Lenses (Germanium, Silicon, and other IR material)
  • Diamond Turned Aspheric Lenses and Mirrors
  • Diffractive Optical Elements
  • Molded Aspheric Lenses
  • High Performance IR Bandpass Filters
  • Cam-driven and Electronic Zoom Mechanics